Three Straight Buddies Filmed

Three Straight Buddies Filmed

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Paul Jaramillo May 10, 2013 at

I wonder if those three guys actually believe that jerk, when he told them that, what happens in that photo shoot would not be shown. They were willing to suck dick and shoot their loads on the mirror. Those men who make these videos of staight men, are always lying. I don’t know why these guys get away with the things they do. Don’t you know that these men are traitors to other men? One of these days, some guy should beat the shit out of that photographer, back stabber.
I don’t know what has happened to men, who are willing to Jack-off with a camera present, it will only end up with some jerk telling you lies.
When some ass hole tells you they will not use footage of you doing something sexual, tell them to fuck off.

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